Damage Policy Protection Facts

Property Protection Program:

Duration The length of coverage is the length of stay.  For general information about specific property protection program, see https://www.insurestays.com/programs. Always refer to your PAM products tab, policy or summary for specific coverage benefits, limits, terms, and conditions.  The below assumptions apply to all property protection programs:
  • The Property Protection Programs are based on the assumption that all damages claimed are guest-verified, property-manager-facilitated, and for damages occurring while the unit is rented to the covered guest(s).
  • Property Protection Programs require that coverage be offered on a mandatory basis.
  • Coverage is only in effect for the Covered Booking time period and is limited to losses that occur in or at the Covered Booking rental property.
  • The program is not Event Insurance. Special-event-related damages from weddings, parties, dances, arts/crafts, conventions, and other large gathering events are excluded.
  • Damage to property caused by guests not part of the rental-guest-travel party is excluded.
  • Contents Damage Protection covers unintentional accidental damage; intentional acts by the owner(s), manager(s), or guests are not covered.
  • The Program is not travel insurance and offers no protection (or reimbursement) to guests for trip cancellation and interruption, transportation expenses, and baggage damaged while in transit.
  • Property damage as a result of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, hail damage, volcano or wind damage), other weather-related events, or acts of God are not covered by the Program.

General Exclusions and Limitations

General Exclusions The following general exclusions generally apply:
  • Damage arising from gross-negligence, malicious intent, or illegal acts by the Covered guest/ guest party;
  • Theft without a valid police report;
  • Sets or series: no coverage for set replacement, including but not limited to wears, furniture sets, stamps collections, artwork, etc.; only the item needing repair or replacement can be claimed;
  • Damage caused by movement of motorized vehicles including but not limited to automobiles, boats, ATVs and golf carts are excluded;
  • Hours logged searching for replacements, picking up items, delivery, and/or filing claims;
  • Damage to bedding and towels;
  • Property loss as a result of mysterious disappearance;
  • Damage due to normal wear and tear;
  • Damage for items beyond life expectancy;
  • Repairs performed by in-house labor or regular on-site maintenance personnel;
  • Damage to “common areas” or equipment not part of the rental unit.
  • Limitations The following limitations apply:
    • Damage submissions for older, worn out furniture/facilities/flooring may be age-depreciated, sometimes significantly;
    • Liability submissions are subject to the program deductible listed in the policy declarations.
    • Artwork: Damages to works of art have $1,000 maximum benefit.
    • Pet-related damage: Standard pricing assumes no pet damages are covered; pet-related damages are excluded and claims not approved unless pet-friendly-unit coverage is specifically endorsed/ added to your program for an additional per-stay cost.

General Terms and Conditions

  • Not A Maintenance Program. The Property Protection Program is NOT a property or facility maintenance or replacement  program. Labor performed by in-house staff is excluded.
  • Claims Adjudication. Neither RentalGuardian nor InsureStays have authority to approve or deny claims; claims adjudication is entirely the responsibility of the underwriters and their designated third-party administrators.
  • Replacement. Before a full replacement is authorized, claimant is obligated to provide adequate evidence that a damaged item could not be repaired. To expedite the claims process, in lieu of a receipt, you may submit a replacement estimate until a final receipt is available.
  • Insured Party. Under the Property Protection Program your Company (and not the renter) is either the insured-party or an additionally-insured party. Therefore, no individual property protection coverage documentation is auto-delivered to your guests unless requested. Claims for reimbursement of damage expenses will be filed by you and claims payments remitted to you. If you need to access information about a specific Property Protection Program Covered Booking, log into PAM, and Search using your Booking Number. Access claims filing functionality on the resulting coverage profile page.
  • Administrative Fee. The funds that a purchasing renter pays for your damage protection includes an administrative fee you are charging them to reimburse you for your Program coverage costs.
  • Coverage Term. Each Property Protection Program Coverage is for a fixed term. You will be invoiced for an additional purchase for stays extending beyond the coverage term.
  • Rights of Inspection, Verification, Recovery, Salvage. Underwriters and/or their designated agents reserve the right to inspect claimed damages/losses, verify claimed damage/losses with renter/guest, and/or physically take possession of and salvage replaced, claim-reimbursed items.