Property Management Services

We believe in the value of hospitality, great service, and local knowledge here at  enchanted circle property management
Enchanted Circle Property Services.  We take pride in making sure your property 
is rented year-round and kept to the highest standards.

Enchanted Circle Property Services is locally managed through our office
located right here in the Enchanted Circle and our focus is solely on
Northern New Mexico vacation rentals including Red River, Angel Fire,
Taos, and Eagle Nest.


The Enchanted Circle Property Services Advantage

We currently own property ourselves.  After 7 years of experience, we know what it takes to have a successful property and investment in the Enchanted Circle.  We've taken the last year to assemble the most experienced and qualified team members, commercial partners, and equipment to provide the highest quality services to our owner/clients.

Quality Assurance

We make no exceptions for quality as it's what owners and guests expect from the ECPS team.  It's why they stay with us year after year.

24/7 Guest Services

Let's talk!  First, our state-of-the-art online reservation system and online portal provide our guests and owners 24/7 accounting, reporting, and booking capabilities.  This not only allows you to check-in and stay on top of what we are doing for your property but also allows guests to easily find your investment on the web!

Industry Standard Inspections 

We always do our due diligence to secure all accommodations and safeguard your property.  Our team is lead by a licensed contractor who is experienced in the industry. Additionally, our cleaning team provides owners and guests with a safe, clean, and secure vacation experience.

Rental Property Protection and Insurance

Enforced guidelines coupled with a mandatory property protection insurance program ensure every experience is protected for both the homeowner and the guest. 

Premium Services

We do all the little things that make the difference!  We promise that your property will get 100% of our effort and attention to not only maintain the beauty and integrity of the property but to enhance your ROI and bottom line!
  • Custom Services- Industry-standard property management, new guest qualifications, and personalized service for guests and owners.
  • Superior Technology- Cutting edge digital marketing, secure remote monitoring or properties, and the highest standard online booking platform that is actuated to over 300 booking sites.
  • Cumulative Experience- Combined management, marketing, sales, ownership, and construction experience greater than any other team in the market